The Houses of First Lutheran Church

“the Houses” of First Lutheran Church are places where we can share the work of fulfilling our mission to each other, our community, and a world that needs us.


• Lára House

(named in honour of Jón and Frú Lára Bjarnason, 1st pastor and wife)

 • B. B. Jónsson House

(named in honour of FLC’s 2nd pastor)

 • Valdimar House

(named in honour of Valdimar Eylands, FLC’s 3rd pastor)

 • Arvidson House

(named in honour of John Arvidson, FLC’s 4th pastor)

 • Laufey House

(named in honour of Deaconness Sister Laufey Olson)

 • Linda House

(named in honour of Deaconness Sister Linda Wedman)




House Leaders:

Valdimar House: Sandra Kurtz, Marilyn MacKay

Arvidson House:  Anne Pereira

Laufey House:  Josie Zarrillo, Andrew Steiman

B. B. Jónsson House: Cindy Green, Rhonda Gorham

Linda House: Thor Weidenbacher, Heather Tisdale

Lára House: Joanne Weidenbacher Olayinka Opanubi



What does each house do?

Take care of each other. You can decide if this means phone calls, greeting cards, visits, offering rides, taking church mail. There is no limit to what you could imagine!


In your month:



House Schedule:

August and September 2017 –  B.B. Jonsson House

October 2017 – Linda House

November 2017  – Lara House 

December 2017 – Valdimar House

January 2018 – Arvidson House

February 2018- Laufey House

March 2018- B.B. Jonsson House

April 2018- Linda House

May 2018–  Lara House

June 2018– Valdimar House

July 2018– Arvidson House

August and September 2018–   Laufey House