Sunday School

kids christmas concert

Christmas 2008

First Lutheran Church Sunday is a place that welcomes children and nurtures them in Christian faith.  The Sunday School has long been a priority ministry at First Lutheran Church and so it has a long tradition of welcoming, caring for, and nurturing children in faith.


Sunday School takes place during the 10:30 service, but at FLC, children and adults first gather together at the beginning of the service, where children are warmly welcomed to worship with their parents at 10:30. Shortly after the service begins, the children’s time begins with some time with the pastor, who introduces the children (and the adults!) to the theme for the day.  The children then go with the teachers to their classrooms for further instruction in that day’s theme, while the older youth and adults hear that day’s bible readings and sermon.  After their time with the teachers, the children return to join the adults for holy communion, for at First Lutheran Church, all are welcome to receive communion.  Then the service concludes.


Children are encouraged to share their gifts with the whole community in a variety of ways.  Children help with ushering, reading, acolyting, and serving communion.  Children also share their musical gifts at FLC in many ways, not least through the FLC Orchestra which plays periodically throughout the year.  The Sunday School and Confirmation class join together to put on plays at Christmas and Easter.  Children are also involved in FLC’s many ministries both inside the church building walls and in its community ministries.


“The main reason we joined First Lutheran was because of the warm way in which children are welcomed into the congregation.  Since we plan on having children, we want them to have the experience of growing up at First.”